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Happy March! Are you living loud? What’s new in your loud worlds? I’ve got a post coming on my brave use of the neti pot, as well as the 10 live performances I’ve seen this year. Don’t forget to sign up to be a contributor to share with the world how you are making choices to live loud all year.

To help inspire you a little, I’ve been collecting some images that helped inspire me to make bolder choices. Here are a few:

(From Exploding Dog)

(From That Girl)

(From That Girl)

Source Unknown

Source Unknown

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The Best Valentines Days I Ever Had, I Was Single

My boyfriend and I have decided to not celebrate Valentines Day the last 2 years (though I’ve insisted on spending it with him, so I guess we sort of celebrate it.) But, this silly day matters less to me now than it did when I was single. When I was single, it was an awful reminder that the world thought I was incomplete without a partner. I went out of my way to plan elaborate dates for me and my friends and made sure that we weren’t sitting around pouting – we were living loud. It led to two of the best memories I have of this so called holiday.

As part of my project to do 30 things I had never done before, in 2008, I flew to Austin and then we drove to San Antonio on Valentines Night to ride the mechanical bull!
My creation

It was amazing, and exhilarating. (So much so that Shannon and I did it again before on New Years the next year!)

In 2009, we knew we had to do something to top the previous years adventure, so we went to San Francisco and joined in the giant Valentines Day Pillow Massacre at Justin Herman Plaza. I remember being terrified that it was going to be a crazy mob, and it absolutely was, but it was a FUN mob and a tiring workout all to boot.

San Francisco Valentines Day Pillow Fight 2009

Both dates left us breathing hard and our bodies used. What more can you ask for? Don’t let the pressure of this day push you around – take advantage of the dozens of ways to live your life differently, and make a choice to reclaim your day. Show the world how much you love you and live!

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Baz Luhrmann – Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)

Such great advice, with lots of reminders to live loud.

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background and burpees

tori and i have been talking about this project for awhile now, so i’ve had a lot of time to think about 11 new-to-me things i want to do this year.  it doesn’t mean that the 11 things i chose (or will choose in the future) are mind-blowingly awesome.  as a matter of fact, i’m finding they’re the opposite.
my other challenge with this is having enough patience to do only one of these 11 things per month.  generally, i have NO patience with myself and new ideas, so already having in mind 11 new things i want to do means that i want to do these 11 things in two days.
oh, one more thing: i can’t be bothered with the shift key unless i really want to emphasize something, so you all will just have to deal with my constantly lower-case typing.

with all of that out of the way, i shall commence with my january new-to-me thing: burpees.
geh.  even saying the word is a downer.  i hear it like one would hear “wah-wah” – “burrr-pee” with the down note on the “pee” part.
burpees are satan’s evil spawn otherwise known as a squat-thrust with a push-up.  and, unless you are any of the following: a football player, rugby player, prisoner or former prisoner, soldier, martial artist or have a truly sadistic personal trainer – your body probably doesn’t know how to do one.  mine didn’t.  and it’s still not all that good at it either.  it’s hard to explain how to do one the “right” way and there are trillions of variations (the inverted burpee looks far too intense for my liking) so i’ve included a visual below.  this is NOT me for many reasons.

burpee visual

just like kimchi, there is a direct correlation between the horridness of the burpee and how utterly good it is for you, not only for muscle building and stamina but for strength of character as well.

my goal after attempting one was to do 1000 within 90 days.  i have not been keeping track of how many burpees i’ve done thus far this year.  because i’m a bad keeper-tracker.  i’m a much better trapper-keeper.  i know i’ve done at least 100.  but i’m going to endeavor to rip through whatever amount i have left this month with the following:  5 burpees on the hour, every hour that i’m at work.  that will be 45 burpees a day!

thus far, i’m not necessarily living loud, but i’m living painful.

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We have contributors!

Welcome to our new contributors! Starting today, you’ll see posts from lots of different people sharing their lists, stories and inspirations to live loud! Make sure to comment and say hi when you see their posts!

Do you want to be a contributor?
If you haven’t yet – register for the website here and then shoot me an email and we’ll change your posting status!
Once you’ve registered and become a contributor, you’ll see an exciting new addition to your options – you can post!  Please feel free to post how you plan on living loud, reports on things you’ve done to live loud, or inspiration for other people to live loud!  Once you’ve typed your post, you can submit it for review and we’ll get it posted as quickly as possible.  We don’t plan on editing or changing your post, it’s just the way the system works, and will keep the blog from being spammed or cluttered with lots of random things that don’t fit.  Feel free to post as often or as little as you want – we’re just happy to know you’re out there living loud!

How else can you get involved?
Don’t forget to like our page on Facebook.
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Have ideas?  Send them to us!

Don’t forget to tell your friends!!

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2 videos to inspire you to live life loud

Ever since I heard this for the first time…I have told it over and over to friends. Silly as it is, it reminds all of us to make our lives a better story at any chance we get.

This is another favorite…and a reminder that we all have the power to make a movement…and we don’t even have to be the one to start it!

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My First Borscht & Russian Christmas

Oh Borscht…or however you spell it…was my very “Live Loud Challenge” project of the year. I was back in New Jersey with my boyfriend’s family, and they were nice enough to move their Russian Christmas tradition from the actual date to January 2, while we were still there. I had no idea what I was in for, and I wasn’t allowed to ask many questions, but I knew there would be borscht.

I hadn’t had borscht before. I had heard the word, and after a week of visiting, I knew it was a time intensive dish that would take 2 days of slaving over the stove making broth and doing something with beets. That’s really where I was lost…the beets. I’ve never been a fan of root vegetables, but I also can’t say I’ve had a ton of them as an adult. I was plotting and planning how I could avoid it at dinner, stuffing myself with snacks from the appetizer table with hopes that my stomach wouldn’t be grumbling later when I SKIPPED the soup. But when the time came to pick up our bowls and go to the kitchen, I said “I’m scared” but put myself forward in line to see the less-pink-than-I-expected substance spooned into my dish. I had to try it! When in life was someone going to slave 2 days over something that I probably wasn’t going to like or eat? (This is why I take bites off friend’s plates when they order seafood!)

It was delicious! I ate a HUGE bowl and enjoyed every bit of dinner! Ha! It was what I thought was dinner, only to be told “silly girl, that was just the soup!” as I was asked how I wanted my steak cooked. I had to plot where to put it my body, begging for the smallest piece and getting grief over my small size! I thought that if I could bargain with my body to consume what didn’t seem like an offer I could refuse, I could get by. But no one told me that there would be dessert after dessert after dessert paraded out, followed by ice cream cake. I didn’t pace myself for that! All this mixed in with wine and water and I finally said that if I had to eat anything else, I was going to go sit outside in the snow instead. I managed to get out of the ice cream cake – whew!

Have you ever tried Borscht? What is the weirdest foreign food you’ve had?

For me, that soup and family experience was an amazing start to my own personal Live Loud Challenge this year. 32 more to go! Unlike last time, I don’t really have a list or a plan in front of me, I’m just looking for ways to say yes. So if you have ideas hit me up!

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Be a contributor!

It’s easy to register to be a member of this site, but I hope you participate too!

I’m looking for people to blog with me this year, to share with me on ways to live life loud. This isn’t just my site – this is OUR site. You never know, you may make a new friend, or find someone to help you say yes. Email and let me know you want to be a contributor! You don’t have to be a writer, we’re looking for whatever you have to share – a quote, a picture, a recommendation or a referral – let’s create a community of people living life cranked up to 11.

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Project 30 – How we got here.

In 2008, to celebrate turning 30, I went on an adventure to try 30 different things I had never done before. It was a year filled with travel, friends and tons of fun. It was a year filled with living, and it was awesome.

That same year I was reading some Burning Man forums, and someone presented a challenge to those attending the playa festival – “If you don’t think it will hurt you, say yes.” As a girl who found comfort in her fears, I decided to not just use it as an anthem for my week in the desert, but to try and use it as a motto for my life. It worked. Sort of.

I used to like my couch better than going out. Okay, I still do, but I know that life is about living, so I do projects like ‘Project 30’ and the ‘Live Loud Challenge’ to nudge me out…and hopefully you. I used to say no more often to trying new foods or going new places. I’m trying to be less of a “no” person and more of a “yes” person. Care to join me? What I learned is that you don’t have to say yes all the time. You just have to be brave sometimes. It’s enough to make life a little louder, and I don’t regret memories and making my life a better story.

I turn 33 this year, and I’ve endured almost 3 years of questions about what I’m going to do when I’m 40. 40 things? Why should I wait another handful of years before knocking off numerous experiences and trying new things? I know when I had the project, I tried harder at life. I went more, saw more friends and was overall a happier person. I want a year filled with those things. 33 things to be exact. I want that year now…and I want you to join me. I also want to make new friends who want to join me. I want to start a movement. Tell your friends.

I know not everyone is going to be as ambitious as me, so I’m only asking you to do 11. Can you do 11 things in 2011? Not sure where to start? Join the discussion on ideas for living loud, and start making your list today!

As a final note, this site will hopefully grow and morph and grow some more over the next year, if you have suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

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