The Best Valentines Days I Ever Had, I Was Single

My boyfriend and I have decided to not celebrate Valentines Day the last 2 years (though I’ve insisted on spending it with him, so I guess we sort of celebrate it.) But, this silly day matters less to me now than it did when I was single. When I was single, it was an awful reminder that the world thought I was incomplete without a partner. I went out of my way to plan elaborate dates for me and my friends and made sure that we weren’t sitting around pouting – we were living loud. It led to two of the best memories I have of this so called holiday.

As part of my project to do 30 things I had never done before, in 2008, I flew to Austin and then we drove to San Antonio on Valentines Night to ride the mechanical bull!
My creation

It was amazing, and exhilarating. (So much so that Shannon and I did it again before on New Years the next year!)

In 2009, we knew we had to do something to top the previous years adventure, so we went to San Francisco and joined in the giant Valentines Day Pillow Massacre at Justin Herman Plaza. I remember being terrified that it was going to be a crazy mob, and it absolutely was, but it was a FUN mob and a tiring workout all to boot.

San Francisco Valentines Day Pillow Fight 2009

Both dates left us breathing hard and our bodies used. What more can you ask for? Don’t let the pressure of this day push you around – take advantage of the dozens of ways to live your life differently, and make a choice to reclaim your day. Show the world how much you love you and live!

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  1. pixy says:

    hey! i was at both of those! 🙂

    i liked bleeding and playing chicken.

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