We have contributors!

Welcome to our new contributors! Starting today, you’ll see posts from lots of different people sharing their lists, stories and inspirations to live loud! Make sure to comment and say hi when you see their posts!

Do you want to be a contributor?
If you haven’t yet – register for the website here and then shoot me an email and we’ll change your posting status!
Once you’ve registered and become a contributor, you’ll see an exciting new addition to your options – you can post!  Please feel free to post how you plan on living loud, reports on things you’ve done to live loud, or inspiration for other people to live loud!  Once you’ve typed your post, you can submit it for review and we’ll get it posted as quickly as possible.  We don’t plan on editing or changing your post, it’s just the way the system works, and will keep the blog from being spammed or cluttered with lots of random things that don’t fit.  Feel free to post as often or as little as you want – we’re just happy to know you’re out there living loud!

How else can you get involved?
Don’t forget to like our page on Facebook.
Follow the blog on RSS, or come back frequently to see what other people are sharing about their challenge experiences!
Have ideas?  Send them to us!

Don’t forget to tell your friends!!

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