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tori and i have been talking about this project for awhile now, so i’ve had a lot of time to think about 11 new-to-me things i want to do this year.  it doesn’t mean that the 11 things i chose (or will choose in the future) are mind-blowingly awesome.  as a matter of fact, i’m finding they’re the opposite.
my other challenge with this is having enough patience to do only one of these 11 things per month.  generally, i have NO patience with myself and new ideas, so already having in mind 11 new things i want to do means that i want to do these 11 things in two days.
oh, one more thing: i can’t be bothered with the shift key unless i really want to emphasize something, so you all will just have to deal with my constantly lower-case typing.

with all of that out of the way, i shall commence with my january new-to-me thing: burpees.
geh.  even saying the word is a downer.  i hear it like one would hear “wah-wah” – “burrr-pee” with the down note on the “pee” part.
burpees are satan’s evil spawn otherwise known as a squat-thrust with a push-up.  and, unless you are any of the following: a football player, rugby player, prisoner or former prisoner, soldier, martial artist or have a truly sadistic personal trainer – your body probably doesn’t know how to do one.  mine didn’t.  and it’s still not all that good at it either.  it’s hard to explain how to do one the “right” way and there are trillions of variations (the inverted burpee looks far too intense for my liking) so i’ve included a visual below.  this is NOT me for many reasons.

burpee visual

just like kimchi, there is a direct correlation between the horridness of the burpee and how utterly good it is for you, not only for muscle building and stamina but for strength of character as well.

my goal after attempting one was to do 1000 within 90 days.  i have not been keeping track of how many burpees i’ve done thus far this year.  because i’m a bad keeper-tracker.  i’m a much better trapper-keeper.  i know i’ve done at least 100.  but i’m going to endeavor to rip through whatever amount i have left this month with the following:  5 burpees on the hour, every hour that i’m at work.  that will be 45 burpees a day!

thus far, i’m not necessarily living loud, but i’m living painful.

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