My First Borscht & Russian Christmas

Oh Borscht…or however you spell it…was my very “Live Loud Challenge” project of the year. I was back in New Jersey with my boyfriend’s family, and they were nice enough to move their Russian Christmas tradition from the actual date to January 2, while we were still there. I had no idea what I was in for, and I wasn’t allowed to ask many questions, but I knew there would be borscht.

I hadn’t had borscht before. I had heard the word, and after a week of visiting, I knew it was a time intensive dish that would take 2 days of slaving over the stove making broth and doing something with beets. That’s really where I was lost…the beets. I’ve never been a fan of root vegetables, but I also can’t say I’ve had a ton of them as an adult. I was plotting and planning how I could avoid it at dinner, stuffing myself with snacks from the appetizer table with hopes that my stomach wouldn’t be grumbling later when I SKIPPED the soup. But when the time came to pick up our bowls and go to the kitchen, I said “I’m scared” but put myself forward in line to see the less-pink-than-I-expected substance spooned into my dish. I had to try it! When in life was someone going to slave 2 days over something that I probably wasn’t going to like or eat? (This is why I take bites off friend’s plates when they order seafood!)

It was delicious! I ate a HUGE bowl and enjoyed every bit of dinner! Ha! It was what I thought was dinner, only to be told “silly girl, that was just the soup!” as I was asked how I wanted my steak cooked. I had to plot where to put it my body, begging for the smallest piece and getting grief over my small size! I thought that if I could bargain with my body to consume what didn’t seem like an offer I could refuse, I could get by. But no one told me that there would be dessert after dessert after dessert paraded out, followed by ice cream cake. I didn’t pace myself for that! All this mixed in with wine and water and I finally said that if I had to eat anything else, I was going to go sit outside in the snow instead. I managed to get out of the ice cream cake – whew!

Have you ever tried Borscht? What is the weirdest foreign food you’ve had?

For me, that soup and family experience was an amazing start to my own personal Live Loud Challenge this year. 32 more to go! Unlike last time, I don’t really have a list or a plan in front of me, I’m just looking for ways to say yes. So if you have ideas hit me up!

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2 Responses to My First Borscht & Russian Christmas

  1. jbshapiro says:

    I love borscht, too. In fact, I should make it for the first time. The wierdest food I’d ever tried was huitlacoche. A black corn fungus. But I ate it again tonight. Being a no-joke vegetarian really cramps my adventurousness with food.

  2. livingloud says:

    I had to google that for more information! How did you discover it? Where does one even get that? My boyfriend is vegan, and I’ve learned over the last couple of years that non-meat food adventures can be just as exotic! I’m just as intimidated by tofu and tempeh as I am crazy weird meat things!

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